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1. How to define your Unique Business Advantage - why should the prospective customer buy from you vs. buying from competitors vs. doing it themselves vs. doing nothing. Miss this step and all your business building efforts will be wasted...

2. How to set and achieve your financial target for the next month, year...

3. Why and how should you focus on top 10% of your possible target market. So many business owners running around like a headless chickens - chasing business that loses them money - study this course and don't be like them. Discover how to outsmart and outperform your competition with these simple to execute marketing strategies that bring much needed cash to your business NOW!

4. One of the first golden rules of marketing is - never start any marketing campaigns unless you measure the response. Testing on the small scale to proof that your advertising effort (on- or off-line). This part of the course will explain how to avoid wasting your advertising dollars. Would you like to get 1:5 return on your marketing expenditure? How does 1:50 sounds? - then subscribe to it and stay tuned!

5. Once you know who you are targeting - we'll cover the creation of sales opportunity - the cost and results effective marketing.

6. So you have leads...many leads enquiring. Does this guarantee your bank account going to suffer from the severe case of obesity? Absolutely not!!! You have to be good at SELLING! This part of the course will teach you the Seven Thought Forgotten but Now Found Steps in the Sales Process - that converts your qualified leads to profitable sales!

7. Congratulations! You have closed your next deal. How would you like to maximize this sales opportunity by up-selling and cross-selling your new client? If you don't - you leave the money on the table!

8. Final chapters of this course will teach you how to make sure that your customer buys from you more often, refers scores of new customers and becomes an ambassador of your business - only if your product and service is genuinely good, competitively priced and you are willing to look after your customers in the same way as you like to be looked after!

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