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Agreement of Confidentiality

Allegheny Business Solutions , proposes to furnish confidential information to you and your organization regarding our Client Company’s.

The undersigned understand and agree that any information with respect to the Brokers, Client Company hereafter referred to as the Client Company.  All information furnished to Finder and/or Buyer is highly sensitive and strictly confidential and the undersigned will maintain such information with the utmost confidence.  Buyer understands that all such information is being furnished solely in connection with its consideration of an acquisition of a Client Company.  The undersigned understands that any information with respect to the Client Company is being furnished solely in connection with aiding in the potential acquisition by Undersigned/Buyer of the Client Company.  The undersigned agree to take steps to ensure that such information about the Client Company’s obtained by you or any of your employees, officers, agents, attorneys or representatives shall remain confidential and shall not be disclosed or revealed to outside sources or used in any matter inconsistent with this Confidentiality Agreement including use of knowledge for competitive advantage without the prior express written permission of the Broker.  This agreement will remain enforceable for a period of three years from the signature date.  You have agreed that any unauthorized disclosure will constitute a material breach by you of a duty owed to the Broker, and to the Client Company.

If the foregoing correctly sets forth your understanding of our agreement, please complete the information at the place indicated.

Yours very truly,

Allegheny Business Solutions

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