Pay It Forward For The Holidays!


The 1st Annual- Pay It Forward Day for the Holidays- Dec 23, 2010

Please join us! Ok here's the simple concept:

Do a good deed for someone and in return, they don't return the favor to you, they simply "Pay It Forward" to three others.
Since this is the season for giving across many different cultures, and nationalities, we thought there would be some good synergy in having a "PIF Day" on Dec 23rd. php?eid=136160526438862

Some examples:

* Pay for someone's a cup of coffee
* Pay for someone's expiring parking meter
* Donate your time to a good cause
* Pay for the person's toll behind you
* Buy a stranger's lunch
* Simple acts of good will with nothing expected in return.

No offense if you decide not to participate, but kindly spread the word!

After signing up be sure and let all your friends on Facebook know! php?eid=136160526438862


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Disclaimer: I am not the origin of this idea and a few other's have actually already have organized Pay It Forward days. I'm just promoting the same in the same spirit.

Background Info:

I'm a big fan of the movie "Pay It Forward" so here's a clip: ch?v=HcxYIW7aBOU

Here's a clip from CBS news about the concept as well: ch?v=CjyU3dthliw

(Researchers found that when people help out strangers, the recipients are then more generous. As Katie Couric comments, a great big change can begin with one little act of kindness.)


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