FREE Webinar: Executive Function Part III:

Managing "Weapons of Mass Distraction"

In this third and final webinar of the series, we will discuss the challenges of having “weapons of mass distraction” i.e. devices and screen time, in our children’s lives and realistic strategies to manage them. 

There are no easy answers to this increasingly challenging problem but experts have offered strategies to help parents get to the root of managing these “weapons of mass distraction”. Join us in this webinar as we explore these strategies and help our children better manage these potent tools they hold in their hands.  


Attend this webinar to:  


  • Learn about the impact of screen time and device-use on Executive Function Skills in the brain
  • Understand how different screen content affects children in different ways
  • Uncover strategies that can get to the root of managing these “weapons of mass distraction” in your child


Cheryl Chia



Date: Thursday November, 10th 2022

Time: 12.30pm London time/4.30pm Dubai Time

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