Will You Do THIS to help bring Reconciliation between Christians and Jews?

It is no secret or surprise that relations between Christians and Jews have not been good, to say the least, for close to two thousand years. 

While some Christians know that Christians have been guilty of antisemitism over these centuries, almost none know the full extent of the persecution against Jews.
Will You Stand With The Jewish People?
Thank you for your interest in the LIST.
There are a few parts to this project:
1. A list of atrocities committed against Jews over the centuries in the name of Christ. 
2. A guide to repentance prayer, focusing on some of those atrocities. 
3. A declaration of repentance, signed by thousands of Christians, submitted to Jewish and Israeli leaders from time to time. (First submitted to Yuli Edelstein, Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, in July 2018)
4. Other related projects as will be developed.
Please complete the form below to add your name to the declaration. You will get a PDF copy of the LIST of atrocities, and be contacted when further related projects are launched.
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Join thousands of Christians who have examined a list of these atrocities -- many hundreds of them! -- and declare their repentance for these tragic actions commited in the name of Christ.

Will you sign this declaration of penitents?

"We the undersigned recognize the long and horrific history of antisemitic atrocities committed against Jews in the name of Christ. We repent for these actions, pray to God to continue turning the hearts of Christians to true love for His Chosen People, and submit this declaration to the representative of Israel and the Jewish People."

Stand With Israel and The Jewish People!

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