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Hello Everyone, Debbie Smith Torrence Here I want to thank you for listening and supporting the Auspicious Wellness Podcast.  Now It's my turn.  Welcome, Come on in.  Sign up now.  Our message of optimal wellness we hope is resignating with everyone who listens.  Stay up todate with what we are doing in terms of E-Coaching classes with iindepth training which we can't be done in an hour.  Recipes demonstrations by Debra Smith Torrence your Life and Health Coach.  Program exercises designed to help you discover life lessons and structure in a humanized way.  Designed to help you  understand how to be true to yourself.  Front and Center.  Stay up todate with me.  As we go deeper into health and life coaching life skills. Sign up and stay connected.  Recieive emails in regards to programs we are launching which may interest you.   

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Debbie Smith Torrence

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