There seems to be a shortage of joy lately...

                                                       but it doesn't have to be that way! 

Real joy is found in God,

but you must access it.

One of the keys that God 

given you to access joy is to rejoice.

Maybe you are thinking,"Wait a minute!

You don't understand what I'm going through."

And you're right, but God didn't say, "Rejoice in the storm."

He said Rejoice in the Lord.

The difference is the shift in focus. You can rejoice in the Lord, WHILE a storm is swirling around you because God really is bigger than your storm!!!


I want to help you refocus on Jesus. I want to give you a .pdf with 8 Scriptures and a 7 Day Checklist to keep you on target. Your strategic key to experience more joy.

Make a Choice to Rejoice

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