Podcast Training

with Bob Thibodeau

Watch Me Build A Complete Podcast From Scratch In One Session! 

This is a FREE Training Video!

I did this training for my Podcast Training clients, but I want to share it with YOU!

You will learn:

  1. Determining the Purpose of your podcast.
  2. Determining the perfect length of you podcast.
  3. Determining the frequency of publication for your podcast.
  4. How to search for a domain name and determine the name of your podcast.
  5. Purchasing the domain name.
  6. Setting up your podcast hosting account.
  7. Setting up your podcast player.
  8. Setting up your cover art.
  9. Setting up your Bio and Description for your podcast.
  10. Recording your trailer and setting it up on your podcast hosting page.
  11. Loading the first three episodes to your podcast hosting platform.
  12. Setting the URL for your podcast.
  13. Publishing your podcast.
  14. Putting a link to your podcast on your own website.

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