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Building a World that is guided by your Heart
and grounded by your Spirit.

Your Essential Self Newsletter comes out twice a month, on the 1st of the month, the Activation Edition and on the 15th the Integration Edition, with practices that encourage your realization of Being the Love that you Are; as you practice being in permamnet connection to your Infinite and Radiant Source of Light.

As a Women of Light, your Empowered Love Journey is unique to you, we have all come forward to sing our own unique song, to awaken to your loving presence, to follow the calling of your heart and soul, and express the Truth of who you are... all these elements are fundamental for the awakening and evolution of human consciousness upon the magnificent Mother Earth. 

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As we continue to practice together living more and more from our Light, Love Grows! 

I Thank You for joining the Women of Light Family, and the Empowered Love Way of Heart and Spirit!

in Love we stand together,
Sofia LightJewel ❤

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